Wojtek (voy-teck) Gil, the founder of Dronography.Solutions, was born and raised in Poland
but his artistic landscape is the light and life of Los Angeles and Chicago, particularly
the social life of the street. Through his work he attempts to unmask his surroundings and
capture them in their essence as only a camera can reveal it. Although there are many
smiling faces filling the lens in Wojtek's portfolio, he prefers to capture people
devoured by the subway at rush hour, exhausted figures of street workers, physical and
mental prostration of the homeless and the beauty that resides in the moment, however
ugly its emotional underpinning or social interpretation.

"I believe that this world is more interesting when stripped from any conventional masks
it is used to hide behind", says Wojtek.

While he is still devoted to the roots of photography and his passion of capturing people,
he is not shy in reaching out for the most modern photography tools to bring the viewer
a different perspective of the subject. He started exploring the endless possibilities of
observing our surroundings by adding “the wings” to the camera. His portfolio started to
collect motion pictures of everything from the eye level sight to the sky!

And one must say that the essence of his art resides not only in the most acute observation of
life but in painstaking attention to detail at every stage of the creative process from composition
to final print or a movie. In Wojtek's creations the camera blends life, art and technology into
a truly exciting body of work.

If you'd like to contact Wojtek, please fill out the inquiry form from the link below
or email him at me(at)wojtekgil.com